Happy New Decade

Michele and I painted our bedroom and my office which has kept me off my computer for the last week or so. It is very nice to have a newly painted bedroom and office with new carpet in the bedroom and wood flooring in the office and even nicer to be able to sit down at the computer.

2012 2010 promises to be an very interesting year. In the Obama Administration's second year, we should get out of Gitmo, start getting out of Iraq, double down on Afghanistan, and  pass some sort of Health Care Bill; in F1, Schumi is back and driving for Mercedes Benz; on the downside, the real economy will probably limp along; but the best news is that the Oughties are over.

For me, the Oughties were a decade of six operations – and that was the good news compared to how Bush screwed the country over. Happy New Decade indeed.

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