Why is NPR thriving?

I love NPR but I thought it was dying. I mean, I love NPR but I am 70 and I sort of thought kids – you know, people under 40 – were listening to something else. The chart below, thanks to Matthew Yglesias at Think Progress shows that that I was wrong. NPR – National Public Radio – about as low teck as you can get, is doing very well. Why? 

A couple of reasons, I think. No ads for starter. Once I got used to listening to radio without ads, it is hard to go back. And longer stories with lots of real analysis. More discussion on what is happening politically and less discussion on the horse race aspects. And little oddball stories. Oh! and nobody is yelling.


2 thoughts on “Why is NPR thriving?

  1. Nobody yelling! I think you are on to something. Its often been said that if you want people to listen . . .

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