It is a thin line between madness and art; between madness and riches

We went to see the Green Prix in San Jose over the weekend. Why is sort of a long story. Michael Moore sent me several pictures his brother had taken at Burning Man. One of them was of a  '60 Chevy -  '94 Komatsu1 mutant vehicle called Maria del Camino.

'60 chev

Mike also sent along a URL that referenced that the mutant vehicle would be in an artist parade in San Jose.

So we were lead to "Build Your Own World,” ZER01 in San Jose. It was billed as an biannual event that in collaboration with dozens of partners,
will present over the course of 4 days, from September 16-19, hundreds
of artworks, performances, events, and artist talks, which not only
imagine the future of the world but begin to build it.
Not including participants but including us, I think there were about twenty six people there.

Green Prix-0201

Many – probably the majority – of the participants were just goofy. Many – probably the minority – required a lot of work and it got me wondering, What is art?

To paraphrase Stalin who once said Quality is important, but quantity has a quality of it own; lots of work is art of it's own. Somehow a goofy project done with sincerity and an investment of work, becomes art. Take Watts Towers

or many of the parade floats – or whatever – at the Green Prix.

I was reminded by the Green Prix that, to create art, we have to be goofy; I know that, to have any chance of creating art, I have to be willing to risk it. I am reminded that the risk may result in my falling flat on my face but being safe only guarantees that I will be safe. There were not many spectators, but there were quite a few participants willing to be unsafe.

Green Prix-0228

Green Prix-0207

Green Prix-0220

Green Prix-0212

Interestingly enough, the New York Times – that's The Time to the cognoscente – in an article entitled Just Manic Enough: Seeking Perfect Entrepreneurs,  says almost the same thing about guys trying to raise money for new ventures.  

Green Prix-0230 

Probably it's a comment on life.

2 thoughts on “It is a thin line between madness and art; between madness and riches

  1. here’s something related to your thoughts on being “goofy” and taking risks – from agnes martin:
    “When we first begin we usually have a lot of ideas that we have to try. But nothing that we do really satisfies us.
    Finally we are absolutely defeated. We do not know what to do. I want to try to explain to you that defeat is the beginning, not the end of all positive action.
    A baby learning to walk knows that if he stands on his feet he will fall. He knows that he cannot walk. He is defeated and helpless.
    This knowledge is an absolute prerequisite to inspiration.
    Defeated and helpless he receives the inspiration to get to his feet.
    He is now defeated and helpless with regard to taking a step but again he is commanded forward.
    At every moment we are helpless and defeated and at every moment we are commanded forward by inspiration.
    There is no choice while we are on the true path.”

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