Doing my part to help elect Josh and Dale

Saturday, I walked a precinct in Palo Alto for Josh Becker who is running for the California Assembly. Josh is energetic, intelligent, and intellectual: exactly what a Silicon Valley politician should be.

If Josh is emblematic of Silicon Valley, California, Dale Bumkin probably isn't a typical Georgian. But he sure does fit my imaginary archetypal Georgian politician. I especially like that he tells us that thugs and criminals have kept people from knowing that Alabama has a five billion agriculture business; that he was in the Marines during Vietnam – presumably, as opposed to in Vietnam – and, he carries a Winchester Model 1894 rifle: he wants us to know that he is a good ol' boy who likes his guns, but a conservative that has no use for one of them new-fangled automatic rifles. Dale's ad is going viral, and I want to help pass it along.

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