The Grand Prix of Germany is this weekend so I am posting this picture

Two weeks ago, was the Grand Prix of England and this weekend  is the Grand Prix of Germany. Formula One – which refers to the rules the cars that race in Grand Prix's must conform to – is a team sport. The two leading drivers are both British1 which hasn't happened in a long time.

I've read somewhere that the difference between the best driver on a course and the worse is only about a second a lap, but the difference between the best car and the worse is about four seconds a lap. In the top cars and top drivers, there is almost no difference.

It is very difficult to pass while racing around the track. Much of the race is strategic with the passing done while one car is in the pits having its tires changed. It takes about four seconds – give or take a couple of 10ths – to change all four tires and this picture – of Lewis Hamilton, the current points leader – shows the timing and energy that goes into it. 


1 There are 24 drivers in F1 right now. They come from Great Britain; Australia; Austria; Germany; Spain; Brazil; Poland; Italy; Russia; Switzerland; Japan; Finland; and India. Obviously it is very competitive and all the drivers are very good. 

557_L Hamilton Malaysia10 202

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