Spike the pet cat

Our cat, Spike, is a neverending source of amusement. He is an old cat with FIV* and was given a short time to live when Michele found him – almost blind – on our back deck over eight years ago. After an operation that cost way more than we should have spent on a stray animal, he seems to see pretty well and is healthier than we could have ever expected. Now he sleeps most of the time, often – during the day – with a front paw over his eyes to block out the light (we imagine).


* kitty AIDS

2 thoughts on “Spike the pet cat

  1. Didn’t realize you were still blogging – will have to check in regularly. Very sweet photo of the orange mammal.

  2. Hi Ophelia and Happy Birthday. Thanks for the comment, the orange mammal (by the way, did you know my father was a mammal?) is getting very old and delicate. He keeps loosing weight and sleeps most of the day – and, strangely enough, he has become a talker. He’ll be out on the deck and then walk back in meowing the whole way, or I’ll touch him and he’ll meow. Very endearing.

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