A Tale of Two Places

Today, here in Olympic Valley CA – known as Squaw Valley, it is two days after Christmas: December 27, 2009. The day started with a warm front moving through and a soft snow fall.

Snow C,A,S-1912

By the end of the day, the front had moved through, the skies cleared, and people came out to play.

Snow C,A,S-1970

It could not be more peaceful. The country is on vacation, on hold. Sure, life still goes on – some wacko tried to blow up a plan by sewing pentaerythritol tetranitrate into his undies and the US is going after Al Qaeda militants in Yemen. But, by and large, we had a nice Christmas with our biggest worry being the weather.

In Iran, it is the Day of Ashura 1388 and it is not snowing. It is a couple of degrees above freezing in Tehran and almost nobody is thinking about the weather.


They are thinking about revolution and freedom, and teargas. They are thinking about the risk of getting killed to get freedom. 

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Places

  1. Is that Samantha and your grandkids? It is a beautiful photo! If it is them, how great that you can be up there together! If it is not, how great that you can be up there and see so clearly! I hope the days stay wonderful.

  2. The picture is indeed Samantha and the grandkids – Charlotte and August. Thanks for the complement on the photo – although it is pretty easy to get a good photo with adorable kids* playing in the snow and a gorgeous mommy watching.
    * like all kids in Marin County, they are smarter than average

  3. Great pic of Samantha, Charlotte and August; they look so big!
    The best of New Years to you and Michele.

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