Meanwhile, back on the Home Front…

Steve and Michele (with Beth and Howard) went over the hill to the Eastern Sierra along Highway 395*. The plan was to drive as high as we could and spend a couple of days hiking. The first day, after taking a day hike at the top of Sonora Pass, we got to a very small lake, on the east side, at about 10,000 feet,

Eastern Sierra 0809-0561  

overlooking Bridgeport and Mono Lake.

Eastern Sierra 0809-0575

We spent the night there (some sleeping better and longer than others),

Eastern Sierra 0809-0559

and, the next day, went for a short hike above the lake,

Eastern Sierra 0809-0578

before moving on to another lake.

Eastern Sierra 0809-0640

The next day, we hiked up into the John Muir Wilderness.

Eastern Sierra 0809-0616

The first night had been windy, but, the last couple of days were perfect weather. Warm in the day and cold at night, with a glorious, still, morning the day we left.

Eastern Sierra 0809-0661   

*the Sierra Nevada Range  runs along the eastern side of California's Great Central Valley – the largest flat area in north America. The Range sloops gradually up to the east until it crests at the ridgeline. In the southern Sierra, the passes vary from 8,000 to 12,000 feet and the mountains go to 14,000. From the crestline, the Sierra drop down to Highway 395, forming the highest, steepest escarpment in the world. Starting at 395, is the fastest way to get into the highcountry.**

**above timberline.   

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