A break from the carnage at Ft. Hood

When I heard about the shootings at Ft. Hood, my first reaction was "I hope the shooter is not a Muslim". This is sort of a different take on my usual first reaction when I read about some jerk running a Ponzi Scheme, scamming people on Wall Street – "I hope he is not Jewish."

In most cases, the shooter or con-man lives down to the expectations of the bigots among us (including me). I am afraid that, in the popular imagination, Timothy McVeigh was a lone wolf mass murderer but Nidal Malik Hasan was a Muslim…on a mission. But, just like most Christians aren't lone wolf assholes neither are most Muslims. And, just like there are lots of very funny Christians, there are lots of very funny Muslims. Here is one of them: Kumail Nanjiani, a very funny Pakistani.

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