Italy Day 4 – David (Pretty Big for a Little Guy)

Our reservations for David were even earlier than for the
Ufizzi so we already had a bigger challenge compounded by having had even more
wine (a very big Sicilian albo de vevera) than the night before.
  Still we made it in plenty of
  The David matched the
build-up of the hype.
  I found
myself just gazing first at a foot, then a hand, then a muscle on the leg, a
vein on the arm, all perfect.
museum has a show of Mapplethprpe’s work going on right now that provides an
exquisite match helping the viewer to become immersed in form and the artists’
fascination with form.
  I’ve always
enjoyed M’s work but seeing it the context of David and other sculptures at the
Accademia took it to a new level.
The rest of the day we spent wandering town, napping, washing clothes,
and catching up on the blog.
Spending time in our room I was reminded of Florence’s textile heritage
– I love our drapes!

Day 4 photo

 Dinner was a simple affair just down the
  Though I’ve never ordered
steak and eggs at home, seeing them offered with asparagus and truffles was
irresistible and it was 
a tasty affair indeed!      

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