Dubai Receives $10 Billion Bailout From Abu Dhabi – shit!

I don't like Dubai. I admit that I have never been to Dubai and I don't think that I have ever met anyone from Dubai. I don't even think that I have met anybody who has been to Dubai. I certainly don't understand Dubai. So, as irrational prejudges go, my not liking Dubai is first class.

I do, however, love the desert and Dubai seems like an incredibly expensive way to wreck what must have been a charming, desert, fishing village. Now it is the most unreal landscape in the world with a surging population already over million people.



In my imagination, there are three groups of people in Dubai:
indentured third world laborers; first world  assholes who are trading
money,or bad loans, or some form of credit default swap (CDS), or some other form of ponzi-ed security; and Arab oil trash who are bilking the first two groups.Oh- and I guess – a couple of ski instructors to teach at the inside ski area. 


For a while, it seemed as if this whole fiasco was going to come apart. But now, apparently, Dubai will be rescued by it neighbor Abu Dhabi. I really have no idea if Dubai is too big to fail, or if, – in fact – it does serve some useful purpose for mankind, or if – in 50 years – Dubai will revert back to sand. But I do know, that for me, Dubai is emblematic of a culture in which making money is the highest virtue. 

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