We’re back from our four trips north

Oregon trip-2672
Photo by Michele with zombi 5D

OK, maybe that is not an accurate title, but it did seem like four different trips. We started at Mike and Linda’s oasis in Northern Nevada,

Oregon trip-1831then we spent a couple of days wandering around the entirely new area – for us – of Southeastern Oregon.

Oregon trip-2148

Of course, the whole point of this trip was to go to Jason and Rachel’s wedding and it was a lovely, sweet, wedding in an outside cathedral.

Oregon trip-

The next day, we started home with detour through the Willamette Wine Country and a detour on the detour with a visit to The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum.

Oregon trip-2557

Now we are home and we each have dozens of bug-bites to help us remember the trip (details to follow).

4 thoughts on “We’re back from our four trips north

  1. The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. Is that the one in McMinnville with the Spruce Goose? There was also an SR-71

  2. It is the one in McMinnville and they do have the Spruce Goose and an SR-71. They also have an Messerschmitt Me 262 and a MiG-29, two very handsome airplanes. Have you stopped by?

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