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I don't watch much Network news, I drop by to hear a Kieth Olbermann rant occasionally, but I do watch the BBC every once in awhile and this seems to really fit.

3 thoughts on “Generic News

  1. Are you guys back home now? (Home being Hanoi.) And how was the trip in total? Did you get to Angkor Wat? I’m not much of a ruin guy, but Angkor Wat is definitely high on my list.

  2. Yes, we’re back in dear ole Hanoi. We’re posting pictures on our blog – haven’t gotten to Angor Wat pictures yet because the day we went, our camera ran of of juice. Luckily, we were with some friends so we are waiting for them to come over tomorrow – Saturday – and we’ll download our Angor Wat pics. It was magical.

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