Yesterday, I went to cardiac rehab,

trump-hqjust like most Monday mornings. My life has not been changed by the election and it probably won’t change very much. We are geographically isolated from most of red America and at 76 most of the damage caused by this election will be after I am long gone. My denial and anger are theoretical. I am not going to be trying to get an abortion in Texas because I was raped or have my right to vote taken away from me in Virginia because I don’t have the right ID. That didn’t make my rage any less, just more theoretical, stirred up by a constant barrage of emails and facebook posts.

I used to think my outrage regarding Climate Change was theoretical too. I used to think that I was not going to live long enough to see Sacramento under water or hundreds of millions of people, now living in coastal cities like New York, Shanghai, and Tokyo, trying to migrate inland: but Michele has pointed out that the climate is already changing and the sea rise will look more like Hurricane Sandy  than filling a bathtub. But here, on a cold fall day, in a liberal part of a liberal state, my life is unchanged.




Well, that was a shock that shouldn’t have been

As a sort of prolog aside, my last blog post was on August 31st, over three months ago. For about 30 days before that, I kept starting blog posts only to realize I had already said what I wanted to say, or rant about, or whine about. Usually, several times. I began to feel like I had told all my stories and made all my comments. It is the feeling I get when Michele stops a story with “Yea, I know,” or “I’ve heard that story,” or –  worst of all – corrects the story’s details. Even though this is the most singular election I can remember, it seemed like I had run out of things to say (or somebody else had already said them). It seems that writing about Trump would have made it easier but, with everybody talking about Trump all day, every day, it just didn’t seem like I had anything new. I also felt completely out of step in the facebook-verse with all my facebook friends who were sure that Trump had no chance of winning, posting things like Five ways Trump’s followers are stupid and Twenty things that make Hillary the most qualified candidate ever, when I wanted to post Holly shit, did you see the Republican debates? This guy is good, he destroyed the other Republican candidates and some of them are better campaigners than Hillary. End aside.

Gratuitous picture of Granddaughter Charlotte – in blue – at a Soccer tournament in Palo Alto

The press takes Trump literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally. Some wag, now unknown to me, a couple of weeks ago.

To start with the bottom line, we need a woman president and the world needs for us to have a woman president. Really. We need new ideas, new thinking, we need a more egalitarian society, and more coöperation, we need more feminine energy if the world, as we know it, is going to survive . We need somebody in tune with our long-term survival, like a strict but nurturing mother. I’m not sure that Hillary Clinton would have been that mother but I am sure that Trump, a self-identified world-class Alpha Male, is not.

But he is going to be our next president and I am just now coming out of the disbelief stage. A friend came over for dinner a couple of days ago and he said that he isn’t reading or listening to anything on the election for the next three months because right now we are either in the I told you stage as in some variation of I told you that Hillary couldn’t beat Trump or the denial/anger stage as in some variation of I can’t believe that many people are so stupid to vote for Trump. It is probably good advice and I am sure I won’t take it.


Gratuitous picture of Granddaughter Charlotte

An avian visitor

HawkWhile we were eating lunch, outside on the deck, a Hawk landed on our backyard trellis thingy. Michele heard her – or him, I have no idea – first, thinking the cat had jumped up on the railing with a loud thump. Then she spotted her/him sitting on the top rail, a little brownish lump about 3/4s of the way down. And sitting, and sitting, and sitting. On the other side of the screen is a group of chickadees was hanging out in the Buddleia and we think the hawk may have been hunting although we finished lunch and went into the house before he/she did any hunting. HawkBTW, we think the little guy was a Sharp-shinned Hawk (Accipiter striatus) but we are not sure.

Watching Simone Biles, thinking about human deversaty

simone-biles-1-800According to our current understanding of the DNA evidence, somewhere around 50,000 to 75,000 years ago, about 600 people, out of the total human population of about 1,500 people, left Africa. The ancestors of those 600 people populated the rest of the earth. The thinking – which is being refined on an almost daily basis as we learn more from massive DNA sampling, among other things – is that they crossed the water somewhere around where the Red Sea changes into the Gulf of Aden and then slowly worked their way along the coast, to south-eastern Europe and India. From India, some humans migrated deeper into Asia. Some of those humans migrated to what we now call China and eventually, even to the Americas while others doubled back to northern Europe.

Just as the migration out of Africa involved a sub-set of the entire human population, each additional migration was a sub-set of the original migration. As a result, there is more human genetic diversity in Africa than the rest of the world put together and way more than, say, in Europe. Because of this, the chances are good that the shortest Olympian would be of African heritage just like the chances are good that the tallest Olympian, DeAndre Jordan, would be of African heritage. Interestingly enough, the chances are that the smartest Olympian is also of African heritage.

The idiots and change

On the roadAnd while you’re spot on in terms of the good she’s done for white women and children in this nation as a result of her activism, you also know the facts concerning her lobbying for the 94 crime bill and welfare reform, with the repercussions of that still reverberating today in minority communities, as well as her overt militarism that she demonstrated in her Senate seat, as well as the State Dept, as is also still witnessed today in the refugees pouring out of Libya and Syria as ISIS pours into those failed and failing states. Of course, the list goes on and on… Will Taylor on Hillary Clinton in a facebook comment.

I was listening to Barney Frank and Bill Maher talk about the guys that booed Berni, and Barney Frank. They – they being Bill and Barney – were very dismissive and we got a short lecture on government being compromise. The Bernie booers were written off as being unreasonable purists. On facebook, they are called sore losers, or simply not getting it, or just, idiots. I know I can go there, calling them idiots, not with the Bernie idiots but with the Tea Party idiots refusing to compromise. But listening to Bill and Barney’s sanctimonious chatter, I began to think of them as heroes. I realize that Bernie lost, even Bernie knows he has lost, and I want to be reasonable. I don’t want to be called an idiot of facebook. But we reasonable ones, we pragmatists, the great majority of us who say the purists are unreasonable, owe them a big debt. They are purists and extreme so we can be reasonable.

People like me who want change but agree to vote for Hillary, who fall in line, because it is the sensible thing to do, will not bring on the change we so desperately want. The people who are called idiots on facebook, are the people who actually move the political needle, not the reasonable ones like us. They are the ones that, in reality, create change.