Hands @ San Jose Airport

Minetta Airport hands-1

One of the tricks – techniques? skills? – I admire in an artist is the ability to create a picture that looks like nothing up close and only looks like something when the viewer stands back. The parking garage at the San Jose Airport has a – sort of – super premium chain link screen that  – sort of – hides the parking garage.

Industrial strength hocky pucks are then wired to the screen and they form a design when seen from a distance.

Minetta Airport hands-1-4

Most of us who have been to the San Jose Airport have driven right by the hands; I know I have more times than I would like to admit. Last Sunday, I was given the chance to stop and look at what I will call the Hands. With climpses of garage behind them, they are great!'

Minetta Airport-0904-1


Minetta Airport-0946-1

(Double click to enlarge.)

Minetta Airport-0938-1-2


4 thoughts on “Hands @ San Jose Airport

  1. Those are awesome, I’m sad to say that I never knew about them nor ever saw them. Lucky for me that after I return from this Hawaii trip I’m currently on I’ll depart from SJC to SEA on Monday, Feb 7 so I can see them in person in just a few weeks!

  2. Like alot of stuff, they become more awesome the more you look at them. Why are you driving all the way to San Jose to fly to Seattle?

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