The shock of the smug, the righteous


Three days ago, I had never heard of Salman Taseer but I had heard of Pakistan's blasphemy laws and how some Christian woman was going to be executed over them.For reasons that I have not spent a whole lot of time working on, stuff like that just sends me around the bend with rage.

The whole blasphemy thing just seems – to me – to be truly insane. 

Then this asshole kills a governor over it. And then smirks when he is arrested. He is a true believer. A real zealot; a nutcase. And then a group of imams says the killer is a Muslim hero and then – and this goes against all I thought I knew about Pakistan – a bunch of lawyers strew roses in front of him as he walked into court.  

All of a sudden, John Boehner seems reasonable. And he doesn't have nuclear weapons.


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