We are back from Albuquerque

This was a trip to my sister Paula's wedding without much Albuquerque. We got into town just in time for a barbecue at one of our future daughter-in-law's home. The next morning, Michele took it easy by sleeping in while I wandered around our Bed and Breakfast – Adobe and Roses, which we can both highly recommend. .


As an aside, it seems to me that Albuquerque is a city with a real sense of place. I am not sure that was always the case. Actually, I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case, say, thirty years ago. As I remember Albuquerque, thirty years ago, it looked pretty much like any other small, spread out, city except for a so-called Old Town. Thirty years ago, only Santa Fe had a distinct image. And it had worked hard to get it.

When I first saw Santa Fe in the early 1960's it was not as adobe-ish as it is now. But good zoning laws and civic pride had changed that by the mid-80's. Albuquerque followed suite and now, even drugstores in Albuquerque are adding to the look.


But it is more than just a look. The City was founded in 1706 by the Spanish – Santa Fe, about 45 minutes away, was founded sometime between 1050 and
1150 by Pueblo Indians and claimed by the Spanish in 1540 – so its roots go back to before we were a country. End aside.

The rehearsal dinner was our next event and everybody had a good time. Especially the future bride and groom who, surrounded by friends and family, were almost giddy. There was singing, story telling, and plenty of laughing as can be seen in this photo by Michele.

Paula wedding-1

Finally, the next morning, they were married in a cameraless wedding, looking very much like two teenagers in love. Congratulations, again.

Paula wedding-5106

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