Happy 4th….redux

On the 4th I went to what seemed like my first, small town, 4th Of July parade. But, upon reflection, it was really my second 4th of July parade: my first was a parade in Downieville, California in 1957. I don't remember much about that parade except that, afterwards, I was eliminated – in the second heat – in the town footraces.

My second, small town, parade was in Sonoma. It was very small town. It was much fun, and, I hope, it will be as long before I go to my third, small town, parade. I don't know what I expected, certainly not the Rose Parade, but something more than what we got. Maybe not more, different. I don't mean to knock the parade, but I do want to say that it was more charming looking back at it than standing in the hot sun looking at it.

I kept thinking how the parade reflected California and, more specifically, Northern California, and how much different – and the same – it would be if we were watching an Iowa small town parade.

Sonoma Parade-9056 

What I didn't expect, but should have, is that most of the floats were by service groups, promoting their causes. This one, by a mentoring group, was typical.
Sonoma Parade-9060 

What I did expect was that lots of groups used somebody's car to promote their group.

Sonoma Parade-9066

I was a little surprised that there were so few Mexican entries. Maybe not Sonoma proper, but the Sonoma area must be primarily Mexican – it is a farming community after all, even if the farming is mostly grapes for wine.

Sonoma Parade-9079

A couple of great looking draft horses turned into riding horses.

Sonoma Parade-9096

It wouldn't be a California parade without atleast one dragon.

Sonoma Parade-9103

This grandfather and his two grandkids representing nothing more than their family, charmed me.


Sonoma Parade-9111

I am not sure what the deal was with these zombies and their dollar truck – and if anyone has an idea, I would love to hear it – but I did think they were great fun. 

Sonoma Parade-9132
Sonoma Parade-9135

And they were a contrast to the fuzzy puppy (Bichon) entry.

Sonoma Parade-9117

Of course, I expected veterans, but is still a shock when the veterans turn out to be young kids from a war we are still fighting and not some old guys from WWII. This particular vet, I think the only one in the parade, was almost a parody. 

Sonoma Parade-9113

Sonoma Parade-9114

I had come to get a picture of a fire-engine with flags, but we had to wait until the end of the parade.

Sonoma Parade-9145
Sonoma Parade-9173

Maybe they are at the end because – in small towns all over America – everybody has come to see the
fire-engines with flags.


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