Wulingyuan: the Park (b)

There are very few westerners here, actually very few foreigners. Michele did run into a Japanese couple who asked her to take their picture and we have seen five westerners in the last five days – three who(m?) we were close enough to talk to.

There is a tram, a gondola, a elevator, and a small train to help everyone get around. And to get to the top of the canyon walls. Imagine going to Yosemite and taking an elevator to the top of Glacier Point and then finding a trail like this.

It is no worse than taking a bus, but it sure is different. On all the trails, there are vendors selling food and junky trinkets. And we kept seeing a sign that should warm the heart of any good developer: Human should coexist with nature. Exploitation should cohere with protection. 

Another surprise was a Buddhist temple at the top of the gondola ride. Actually, at the top of the gondola ride, we took a bus to another area where there were vendors (natch) hundreds of people


on their tours and a serene temple.


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