Some observations on China

Walking around the farming area by Yangshuo, everything seemed so familiar. The sights, the smells, the quiet, the slow pace of the people, the water buffalo. At first I thought my mind was making it feel familiar so I would feel safe, then I realized I've been walking through these areas for 45 years – ever since Korea in 1964.

But China is very different. In other countries I been to the children would come up and ask for pens or candy, in China, the children take pictures of us with their cell phones. We bought water at a small store and the sales girl (and the sales people are almost always young girls – that hasn't  changed) scanned the bottles!  We chatted with a South African women on the trail (which in China, is a paved road!) and she said It's like China skipped a stage.

2 thoughts on “Some observations on China

  1. Hi,
    Just checked to read and view…pictures are excellent and your descriptions a treat to read. Wish I were traveling with you! Ready for more food updates.

  2. I know you are probably doing the blog for your own purposes- but thanks for writing and posting. I am living vicariously through your trip- although I did just get a few days in Bangkok.
    It is odd how endemic American brands are. I used to bristle when I saw a McDonald’s or KFC elsewhere- but have come to the conclusion that it is not our fault. They have their version of junk food- it is just not as recognizable.
    So- you did not say how was the pig lung in sauce was.
    Safe journeys

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